Welcome at ATC Sloterplas

A sociable and active tennis club where you will easily feel at home. During the tennis season we organize all kinds of activities, like rackettrekken and the Toss for recreative players. The yearly club championships are open for all club members. Experienced players can join the Open Tournament and the official KNLTB competition. Our club has about 700 members. The park owns 12 courts, 8 gravelcourts and 4 all –weather courts.The tennis club plays on 8 courts. On this page you will find information about membership fees and tennis lessons. If you want more information, please send an e-mail to:
[email protected]


Membership Categories ATC Sloterplas Summer season (April  1 -  October 1 2019)
Full  Senior membership
Every day and evening of the week:  € 220,00

Daytime membership
Monday - Friday 09:00-17:00h € 146,50 

Daytime membership Morning
Monday - Friday 09:00-13:00h € 115,00 

Daytime membership Afternoon
Monday – Friday 13:00-17:00h € 115,00

Youth membership
12- 17 yrs Every day and evening of the week € 114,00
 <,12  yrs  Every day and evening of the week till 18.00h € 57,00

Student reduction    

If you are a student you will get a €69 reduction on the €220 full membership. Therefore you have to mail a copy of your student card to [email protected]

Registrer now 


Registration fee for all memberships: €10,00 

Cancellation membership : Before the 31st of December ( you cancel your membership for the following year which begins April 1st).
It is not possible to cancel membership during the season ( April1 – October 1).

Tennis during the winterseason ( October 1 – April 1)
Please look at www.sloterplaswintertennis.nl

Tennis lessons are given by Tennisschool Tennis Op Maat. If you want to take lessons, it is obliged to be a member of ATC Sloterplas. If you click on the link you will go directly to the registration form.

Info: [email protected]

E-mail concerning membership/contribution:  [email protected]

E-mail concerning other questions: [email protected]